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Paint Protection On Delivery Of Isf


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The delivery of my ISF is getting all too near:) - 3rd week of Feb.. I just cant wait.

I'm deciding whether to get paint protection upon delivery, however I'm not going with the LExus paint protection. I'm thinking of taking the car to Currans accident repair centre who professionaly detail all exotic/lucury cars.

They offered me $300 off whatever Lexus quotes me.. Havent received a quote from Lexus yet though..

I need to first justify if I actually need this it's only a weekend car. Wont be driving all that much. Dont need to drive it to work as I take the train. Having said this, perhaps I dont need it, but was told that it will keep that showroom finish. On the other hand, because I wont be driving all that often, I might not apply the pain protection and instead opt to bring my car in each year to them and get them to detail/polish etc so that it has that showroom finish I'm after.

What are your thoughts? Did anyone get paint protection oin their new car or total waste of $$$?


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Paint protection is a profit cow for dealerships. It is a glorified polish.

Don't waste your money. Many Lexus dealerships don't offer it.

Its a bit rude to sell a premium priced vehicle based largely on its build quality then tell you that you need to spend some more to save to paint from going off.

If paint protection was all its cracked up to be it would come from the factory with it.

Getting your car detailed once a year is a better option.

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Thanks guys for your responses. You've made my decision for me and wont go through with the paint protection. Another thing which deterred me from going through with it is that they wanted me to bring the car on day of delivery to their premises and wanted me to leave the car for 2 days so they can work on it. Didn't like the idea.

I'll just get it detailed every year instead.

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