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  1. I too have a 2008 250 x. If you need to replace the shocks think about KYB or Tein. Both available in Australia last I looked, which was only a couple of months ago. At that time, I went for KYB gas adjust due to price and the guarantee of ongoing support. Heard Tein was getting out of Australia. Pretty happy with the KYB. Btw I only replaced the rears, and at 200,000 plus km. Springs were fine. The advantage of the Teins is they can be manually adjusted to your liking. Despite their name, the KYB cannot. But for me, handling remains good and comfort a little better.
  2. Heard good things about ps91. I recently got ps71 pair on the back of my 250. Not bad. Got great price from Bob Jane, price beat from Tempe Tyres. Stock size 255 40 18 with change out of $400 the pair fitted and balanced.
  3. Thought about it, but a bit expensive. Ended up getting the kumho ps71s for $380 the pair fitted and balanced.
  4. Hi all, looking for affordable rear tyres. No track, just road cruising and occasional mildly spirited driving if I find some curves. Have done some research, but user feedback is best. Happy for any suggestions, but cost is an issue. Some I am considering include (price high to low) kumho ps91 or 71 hankook h452 kenda kr400 davanti dx460. Also, should I get a wheel alignment at the same time? Front tyres are fine. Cheers
  5. Thoughts on Tein EnduraPro Plus Shock Absorbers? Can get them for around $400 a pair plus installation.
  6. Reinvigorating this thread. I have a 2008 250 x version and soon will need rear shocks replaced. What are your recommendations these days? I believe it is sports suspension similar to the Sport variant that was around in the early years.