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  1. Follow the link Click Here or Click Here Just put new tyres on Price is neg. ta, Brett
  2. niceee hope it all works out for ya :D yeah mine will be in panel and paint for a few more weeks :( but yeah cant wait to see how it comes up
  3. Name : Brett Location : Perth WA Ride : Toyota Celsior VIP Mods : haha not many twin 5 inch straight through. But after cosmetics are done i will be whacking a twin turbo set up on the old 1UZ (with all the required mods) Rims : Koenig 18X12's Bodykit : Fully customised extra wide bodykit all the way around (still at the workshop) and custom deep cherry pearl paint Suspension : Customised air strut unit with 30 position controller Stereo : (not yet installed, ) but Alpine head unit with a couple of rockford 12's and amps, mb quart splits and clarion screen with Playstation 2 (all ready to go just need the car back for the install) Future plans : the twin turbo conversion with all the fruit and customise interior cheers, Brett
  4. doesnt look to shabby at all :D http://www.j-spec.com.au/list/index.php?ID=0425
  5. nah i am not dude what is it?? (new to all this jargan) but yeah i would post up some pics but for some reason it wont work .... but yeah the kit is completely getting remade ohh he is a link from when i bought it http://www.prestigemotorsport.com.au/au/stock/img/3251.jpg http://www.prestigemotorsport.com.au/au/stock/img/3250.jpg but yeah its gunna look even more different when its ready for the fibre glasser's going wider to suit the rims haha 18X12's dont fit very good under the guards hey ?UESTLOVE can u tell me mroe about this supercharger kit coz i am thinking of doing it eventually just need to get some prices and ideas on how they go with a charger
  6. yeah i am in the process of trying to get mine on the road 15 year old cars have problems i mean the motor is FIIIIINE but there are ALOT of electrics that can bugger up. the air suspension would be getting long in the tooth too and they are NOT cheap to replace (unless u go for spring and shock setup). over all i am happy with mine BUT its going to take ALOT of work to get it blingin and also ALOT of fibreglassing to get these rims under the guards ;)
  7. i have a VIP celsior with 18X12's and a massive widebody kit i was gunna (well still thinking) about getting VIPIMP
  8. hey all new oz member here too :D i drive a VIP Celsior that isn't on the road yet but will be soon