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  1. nice. I wanted a vermillion one too, when I was on the market a mature aged gentleman was selling his 350 fsport in the same colour with only 35k on the clock, however had no sunroof and was in shepperton. I also had the same issue as you, needed a battery. lucky for me sca had all their century batteries on sale and got mine for $129!!!!!! (same size and everything too) thought it was worthwhile me installing it myself.
  2. and also, what I don't get about these manufacturers. have a LC500H with a v8 and batteries that make it go even fast for pete sake. none of this V6 batteries paired with CVT crap.
  3. or paying attention but too distracted to press the brake pedal lol.
  4. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    sorry to revive an oldie, but this thread reminded me of the stupidity of some (or most people) when it comes down to buying a performance sedan. so many assume and go straight to le germans and get say, a wimpy BMW 340i M-sport brand new when they could have purchased a GSF for the exact same money, albeit dealer used/demo with around 15,000kms on the clock.
  5. Gday all.

    Welcome! If you are in VIC, head over to Club Lexus VIC. These forums tend to be on the quiet side, especially if you came from your VAG or other Euro forums, where users are quite frequent. Just a different sector of the market Lexus is in, whereas other manufacturer's have their products targeted at the younger or livelier enthusiasts. VAG cars tend to be super unreliable. I had 4 mates who owned Polo GTIs, Golf GTIs, Skoda Oct & Fabia RS's, all of them either burned 1L of oil per 1,000kms, or just broke down in general. So you're not alone. Most of the peeps who own their euro performance cars tend to keep quite about the amount of crap that breaks down, turn a blind eye to it and pretend it's all good. But they know their wallets aren't good! Enjoy your 2IS 350. A sleeper car imo. 0-100 in 5.4secs given summer road conditions. 0-100 means nothing, but 5.4s to 5.6s is impressive for an NA V6 Have fun!
  6. And how could I forget pics of the LC500 seats!
  7. Hi All, So wifey and I visit Japan about 3 months ago, and I immediately put Nagoya on our map of travel. It was a purposeful diversion stop off on the way from Tokyo to Kyoto, so it was meant to be. We ended up going to the Toyota Automotive Museum in Nagoya, which is just fantastic for car nutters who like (or don't like cars) in general. The next day, we took a 1.5 hour train ride from Nagoya to Shin-Toyota, where Toyota's global headquarters were. At the meeting point, they had a few cars on display, but not as the museum of course. Our main reason for going to Shin-Toyota was to catch a Toyota bus ride to one of many Toyota's manufacturing plants for a plant tour. We ended up going to a plant assembling our aussie Rav4's, which I thought was quite special (as most of the tourist on our tour slot were Amercian's). Anyway, here's a few pics of all things Lexus! Enjoy!
  8. Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    ***Moderators, this should be a pinned post*** Hi Babalouie, I wish you were in VIC. Thanks for shedding light on TOM's GT GearShifter. It is my utter most important pet hate that manufacturer's get the + and - around the wrong way. Gear up should never be "up", but down. Pet hate. I will be getting one of them as we speak. However my only problem is installing it, I'm only a simple man who can do simple things like change oils & fluids, and don't really plan on venturing to taking my interior apart, so I will be showing my friend mechanic what you did (which like you, will probably think is a piece of cake). Thanks for posting your progress & your maintenance on an otherwise quite-ish forum. Regards, Will
  9. A lot of people use Penrite 5w-40 HPR5. I will just stick to Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40, and when it's onl special it's at best $45 per 5L. I go with 5w-40 mainly because we are in Aussieland, and the summers here can be a real biatch. Ideally I would like to stick with Mobil1 Gold 0w-40, but I can't justify the price of $109 per 5L, and my 350F is only driven on weekends, so it gets less than 3,000kms per 12month interval.
  10. Saying Hello Mello

    Hey mate, Hope you are enjoying your Vermilion beast! I actually saw your automobile at Melb City Lexus. After that I went straight to Melb City Jag/LandRover to check out their Flame Blue one. Both the same cars, just the Blue was in Blue (hehe) and it had lower Ks, so I made the deposit the same day. Did you end up fixing your maps upgrade? What about your HIDs, did you increase the Kelvin on yours to 6000? I'm located in Melb SE Suburbs, so if there are any meets would love to come. I saw a black 2IS Fsport with a great aftermarket diffuser. Looked a gem.
  11. Anyone got one spare lying around? Location in Melbourne Metro South East Suburbs. Cheers!
  12. Hi All, Been surfing here for couple of months. Giving the BIG wave to you all! Purchased a 2013 IS350 F-Sport in Flame Blue "Luthor" and will be used for random duties, but not as a daily. 58,000kms on the clock Optioned sunroof Looking for a LexusAU member who is selling an Invidia Mid-Pipe as per the discussion in here. Last resort is to purchase off Invidia Australia for $799 RRP which is poo. Why did we purchase this old-ish dated Toyota? Just wanted a reliable 370Z shopping trolley that has 4 doors to seat up to 4 occupants! Had a look at the 3IS but I think we'll wait for post MY12 IS F later down the track. My wife and I own 4 cars, so a bit of a problem - currently we "drive": le dustgather-er: RenaultSport Clio RS200 Cup Trophy EDC in Liquid Yellow "Bumbles" le practicaal: Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart Sportback SST in Metallic Red "Riley" le daily: Toyota Corolla Sportivo Manual in Sky Metallic Blue "Sugabuns" Now with "Luthor" in our garage, we'll be selling "Bumbles" in January 2017. Previous automobiles have been: RenaultSport Clio 200 Cup Trophee Manual Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart Manual BMW 330i M-Sport Manual Some pics of our very standard non-sublime non-exotic automobiles. Don't know if there are many meets in this forum? Cheers!