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  1. Would anybody happen to have a link to a download or torrent for current model maps for a 3is Australia ? Thank you
  2. Hey mate, They are ISF brembos. I agree, pedal feel is factory, a little firmer would be ideal but beggars cannot be choosers.
  3. Hi guys, just a heads up for anybody interested I've put 3.66 gears in my 350. The transmission behaves OK, holds gears a little more in sport with normal driving, OK if you get stuck into it though (onyl time mines ever in sport) This is definitely how the car should have come from the factory, 0-100 may have been effected but overall it is a much nicer drive, not as full on as the 4.1's from the 2IS into our cars
  4. Given up on Lsd for now but have found a reasonable ratio, 3.7 going to try and fit in the next few days if I get time, if all goes well I will fit a torsen centre to the housing down the track.
  5. Master seems OK, The capacity in theory isn't a great deal larger considering the factory calipers. Even stopping power wouldn't be overly better, larger surface area for heat dissipation on the other hand... I only fit them due to getting them for a really good price.
  6. I've used a larger width rotor in comparison to the ISF not the IS350, the rotors is a 355 mm rotor, I've had it up and running now, seems great finished about 30 minutes ago. Wish I could have offset the caliper another half a mm in but it could possibly be something else I will sort down the track, realistically it shouldn't be a problem in terms of pad wear etc.
  7. For anybody interested, the last week or so I've been in the process of fitting brembos to the front of my 3IS, With a little mucking around with different rotors etc. Here is what will hopefully be the end result. Just need to bolt on brake lines, possibly take a little meat off my spacers and give them a bleed. I've used a slightly thicker rotor than factory.
  8. Bit of a bump, I'm struggling to find a factory lsd, reports of some supra diff fitting but they are dear. Any idea of a slightly better ratio for these 3.7s or so that will bolt in as a unit, I think a 2is ratio will be a bit much.
  9. Thanks mate! Got some front brembos to go on too painted orange!, rear ones I just can't justify paying for a bracket and nothing available locally!
  10. Hi guys, picked up some brembos for my 3IS so I will be looking at getting rid of the following once fitted. ISF rear calipers looking for offers ISF front and rear hubs / knuckles, no brakes included, possibly leave the front drilled rotors on but no rear rotors or ANY Calipers etc, open to offers. No idea what any of this is worth, any insight would be great, cheers.