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hey guys

got a noob question.

strut braces (across engine and boot) and sway bars (under car). what the differences and advantages of each (ie driving quality)

any info would be great


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Strut braces = adds structural rigidity to the car. Less likely to flex on heavy load.

Sway bars = reduces body roll.

Will it make any difference on the IS250? It really depends how good the OEM stuff is. On my previous ride, an R34 GTT it made stuff all difference - the Nismo OEM stuff was pretty good already. I'd imagine the IS250 due to it's weight and not being design for the track, it would benefit greatly from some decent suspension components.

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Here's someone's review of the F-Sport Sway Bars for IS250


I'm reading in between the lines of his post... "installed, was a bit meh day-to-day on the IS".

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Highly likely that a strut brace will do nearly nothing. Structural rigidity is leaps and bounds better than cars from yesteryear.

I'm disappointed at Lexus' choice of a hollow front sway bar. In previous cars, I've always replaced the front with a solid (usually 32mm) bar. On a RWD car, this is an amazing upgrade.

I think I might have to get custom ones made for the IS, as I fear the F-Sport ones will be a let-down as the guy in the article states.

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Lets see if my usual place is willing to make custom bars for me again. I'll call them later in the week.

If it works out the same as when I got my Soarer ones made, yes, copies will be available for group buy.

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