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Altezza Lightweight Flywheels/clutch Kits

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I need at least 10 people to buy lightweight flywheels and sports clutches from a factory run.

These replace the dual-mass flywheel that Toyota fitted, and are available now with normal flywheel weight, about 13kg. They get rid of the juddery clutch when cold, and also get rid of the rumble when lifting off at 3000rpm. Driving generally is smoother and quieter.

The dual-mass units were made by one factory for Subaru, Nissan & Toyota, and Exedy make replacement standard clutches for all these. They have had boom years recently as the dual-mass units are not satisfactory.

With enough people the factory will tack a 'special' on the end of the next 1,500 run in August, and lighten them for us. They will also machine the ring gear into the flywheel.

You can buy the standard weight flywheel from them for $250 or so, have it lightened for $120, cut the ring gear off the factory DM unit and weld it on your light flywheel for another $100+ and you've spent $470, a long way from what you will pay TODA!! :lol:

Add a new clutch/pressureplate kit & it will cost $750. The clamp pressure is 10% above factory unit.

With a factory run order we can get this factory-made for about $650!!!! That is a 7kg flywheel, factory made with a street-sport clutch. A long way from the $1800 for the named brands!! The lightweight flywheel makes a difference to acceleration (there's a post about it somewhere) the clutch will take more power without problem, and it is smoother in clutch usage.

I need names now, and money in August.

I take one

ZZa will take one

Hoon will take one



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I checked with the clutch guy & he reckons it will be under $650, but they won't know until they make the first one! $630incl GST is the probable price, and if less then the change will go into the Club A/C for business cards!

They make batches of them all the time, so we are not fixed from that point of view, but I'm in Africa from 28th August to end of October, so I can't do anything then. If we don't have 10 before then we will try for November.

Start saving!!

We can tack on any clutch kits for IS200 for $200+GST, but this will not have a flywheel.

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hey keith.. im going to go with ordering JUN from our workshop..

hmmm but but 630NZ for a exedy clutch kit is not too bad! i'll wait for pricings from exedy from the workshop. but im definately out if the order is post-November, coz i need this by end of Sept.

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