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Is-F Owners Only


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Hi All,

This is a note to all IS-F owners regarding Australias first and only Lifestyle Rally event...

At the end of the day we buy these cars to enjoy them as most of us have worked dam hard to get something like an IS-F.

So with that I thought I might share with all the IS-F owners (as I am one) something that you may be interested in enjoying an awesome week with some great people and of course, your IS-F.

Check out www.auzrun.com for more information or drop me a line.

A small teaser of the Auzrun DVD thats coming out in less than two weeks as well (this was shot from lsat years event from the 280+ hours of footage we got).

post-4984-086882400 1302003073_thumb.jpg

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is this like the gumball run in the USA?

Very similar mate but with a few differences to ensure we all have a safe time and actually make it from Melbourne to the Sunny Coast.

If you want to drop me an email to ross@auzrun.com I can send you a bit of an outline if you like.

How do you like your IS-F? Have you had it on the track before?

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i havent had it for a long time

hasnt been on the track

but it doest see alot of hard action though but i baby it most of the time

You should take it down to an Events O'Neil track day at eastern creek!

The guys who runs it there is Luke, he also has an IS-F. Such a great track for the car and not hard on the brakes either... You'll have an awesome time and REALLY get to appreciate how good the car actually is after doing a couple of laps.

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can anyone/any car apply?

is there a limited number of spaces?

For Auzrun or the events O'Neil track days?

Auzrun wise, yes anyone can come along after we have a chat with the two people who will be joining us (in that team) and making sure they are the right type of people for the run... What type of car are you thinking?

Yes there are limited spots. 18 remaining as we are capping this event at 40 entrants.

If you want a complete outline just drop me a line at ross@auzrun.com and I can send you over an outline.

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