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Lexus Is200 Or 250 Rolling Shells Qld

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Hey guys and girls. Happy Easter to everyone.

Ok so I am new to this site and I am wondering if anyone on here may be able to provide me with some help.

I am looking at building a new track car and I figured the IS200 or 250 would make a great base.

I have a SC400 V8 and I wish to do a transplant of the 1uzfe into the new body.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find a IS200 or 250 rolling shell in QLD and roughly how much they would go for.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Is200's can be had for cheap

unless your looking at a smashed IS250

your not gonna get anywhere cheaper than 25K

even smashed and with parts value iv seen a front end damaged IS250 go for 18K last time

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There is a Damaged IS250 on ebay atm its under IS250 windscreen. Don't know how bad the damage is.



Lexus IS200s are cheap as nowadays, or you can get a imported JDM Toyota Altezza with a BEAMS sell everything you don't want and go from there


Give Buddyparts in SA an email. I know he imports and strips Altezza all the time.


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