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Some Slight Movement When Park Brake On And In "n"

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Hi again

Can anyone tell me if it's normal for the car to slightly move when the park brake in engaged fully and transmission in neutral?

I was told by a friend of mine, that it should move a bit.

When you guys are in your 'F' next, can you do me a favour and when you are on a slight hill/incline. Engage the park brake and transmission in 'N'. Can you tell me if there is some slight movement of the car?

I believe the car shouldn't move a bit?

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Both my RX350 and Mercedes move a few centimetres when parked on an incline. I don't think it's a problem - I assume the brakes need a slight bit of wheel rotation to "catch".

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Both of my IS250's do not move when park brake is applied on a hill with gearshifter on neutral.

You should just get the park brakes adjusted again on your next service.

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