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Installing Updated 2010 Lexus Is250 Rear Lights Onto 2007 Is250

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Hi Guys,

I've got a 2007 Prestige Lexus IS250. I've purchased the updated 2010 rear lights with the LED bulbs but when I attempted to install it, it was actually different plugs. I went to an auto electrician near home & they said they didn't want to install it in case other electrical units in the car is affected once the updated rear lights is installed and they were worried that the updated lights being different voltage. I've haven't had time to go to any other auto electrician, but was wondering has anyone tried installing the updated rear lights onto their Lexus is250 & what needs to be done? A mate said maybe a near wiring harness needs to be installed?? Sorry guys, I'm clueless when it comes to this. Anyone that could help will be much appreciated.

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You're mate's right, if this is anything to go by:


I know, that's only part of the answer. Question is, does anyone know what the "wiring harness" is:

- Does it comprise one or more parts from the Lexus parts list? See http://is.sewellparts.com/oem-catalog/8111814748-Electrical-IS250-2010.html

- Are aftermarket versions available?

And where's the best place to get them?

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