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Ls 460 Compared To Liberty 3.6

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First time on the forum so hello to all.

I need some opinions since I am comparing the new Liberty 3,6 and a LS 460 second hand.

I am looking at getting the new Liberty sedan 3.6 with new car warranty.

What are your comments when compared to a second Lexus LS 460?

Is the Liberty quite and powerful like the Lexus?

Ha the Lexus ages does it have problems?


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Is there really any question of which you would choose. I mean your on a lexus forum!!!!!!!

Lets put it simply, The 460 may chew a bit more fuel, but it's a luxury vehicle. The Japanese choose Toyota/Lexus almost like religion. They like having the best of the best.

Not sure about the problems that 460 may have as it gets older, but i'm sure there will probably be very few. The only thing I would be concerned with is maybe the market value. But that all depends on how much you pay for it now. Unfortuanetly Lexus suffer from a bit of a bad resale value with in a few years of purchase. But that means that the less fortunate (income wise) can enjoy luxury motoring....not to mention Japanese luxury motoring at a good price.

Lexus every day of the week my friend in my opinion. What makes you put the liberty up as a compare. Surely they are a world apart.


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