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Is200 Engine Dies While Driving

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Hi all,

I am going to have to presume this issue has something to do with the Coil packs but thought i would ask to see if anyone has had issues relating to this that may have been something else.

Basically i was driving about yesterday and all of a sudden everything died,i mean the radio etc still worked but the engine died and power steering also died.I started it up and it reved to about 1000rpm and then died,i restarted after a miute or so and pumped the gas and no problems it went,although 5 minutes later again it happened and again i restarted it and got home.phew!! The auto sparky tested and advised after a diagnostic that all electrical systems looked fine although there was a loose coil pack on number 3 which he tightened the termainl and should be fine,the 'should' part concerns me.

I have changed 2 coil packs within the past 2months on 2 and 4 and have been told that if 1 goes the rest go very very shortly after.

Any ideas or should i jsut change all 6 coil packs?


Hope someone might have had them same issue and resolved it.


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- Change all your coilpacks - once one coil pack goes, the other coilpacks will die too.

- I'm on the assumption your engine is the 1G-FE. Check your throttle position sensor and accelerator position sensor (both same part numbers). They are on the throttle body assembly.

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