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Water For Windscreen Washer/wiper


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Hey guys, this might be a silly question.

I haven't replaced the water for windscreen washers in any previous car, ever.

Well, now the water has run out on my CT :P

I read somewhere that I should use 'distilled water' and not tap water to fill it up, but can't find any purified water in the petrol station. The attendant said that he just used tap water, and it doesn't really matter.

What are your thoughts?

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For Windscreen wiper fluid you can use just tap water. But be warned although minimal and minute, using standard soap or car wash fluid added to the water it is not good for the rubber seals around the windscreen. If you want it soapy it is advisable to use car windscreen washer soap. (bought at any automotive store)

I think your thinking of the battery when it comes to distilled water.

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Distilled water was probably recommended to reduce the likelihood of scale build-up in the pipework - same reason it's recommended for irons. Mind you, I've never heard of a car windscreen washer needing descaling before.

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