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Hey guys,

Has anyone installed a 12V outlet in their boot before? It's a tricky subject to get a price quote from auto electricians so hopefully someone who has past experience with their cars can give me recommendations/price guides?

Also, I rather not have my car drilled into, so is it possible to just get an enclosed 12V socket harness dangling around in the boot somewhere rather than having a permanent one being mounted on the wall?

Thanks guys!

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I'm hoping to be able to draw a decent amount of power from it... I don't need anything crazy like 1KW or anything... but it would be good if I could get something that does around 200W (slightly higher than what I could get from the console).

I will want it to power up something like this:


I know 200W is a bit of an overkill, but if I'm gonna get it done anyway, might as well have more than enough power available to me to begin with.

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Ah okay, won't be able to borrow power from somewhere else then.

What I would do is to run 8 gauge wire from the positive terminal of the battery into the boot (either thru the cabin or under the car) and just run a small length of cable to a grounded bolt in the boot.

Make sure you fuse the positive wire with a 15-20A fuse to protect from excessive current draw. Terminate both cables with a suitable cigarette lighter socket (Jaycar have various types, including a nice one you could screw to underneat the parcel shelf to make it all look nice and neat.

Cost to DIY including components shouldn't run more than $50 or so.

Positive cable: (approx. 5m worth)


Negative cable: (1m worth)


One set of these... one for the battery end, the other for the grounded end:


One of these... even comes with fuse holder:


Just needs a bit of soldering and you're away!

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Yeah that sounds great and straigthforward (except for running the cable under the car... that part I would need help with), but I may have forgotten to mention that I would need to have an additional relay to cut current draw when the car is switched off (I don't think I can be bothered opening the boot before and after driving for every trip just to pull the plug or insert the plug in).

Perhaps there is a 12V low current input from acc/on that I can steal from the amp in the boot, so that it's no biggie.

Anyway I think I will do it DIY if running a wire from under the car is easy (I would hate to have something going through the cabin).

Any good place to secure it?

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Another $5.95 and you can add the relay as required. A 30A horn relay will be fine.

I have never run anything under the IS... there are plenty of plastic shields you should be able to hide it behind.

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Okay.... just came back from snooping... Opened up the the side panels and looked around a bit. There is not a single hole which I can possibly feed a cable through! It's almost completely sealed up and I suspect the only way I can get anything through is by ripping up those carpet panels open.

Has anyone had this kind of experience before and could give me a few pointers on where I can slip cables through?

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You can get through the firewall with a coat hanger on the passengers side with all the other wiring looms.

Then run it along inside under the door sill covers.

Then up under the back seat. If you go about half way up the back rest there are holes you can get the cable into the boot.

Also whilst you are in the passengers foot well you can find an accesories circuit you can tap into for your relay.

Have fun!!

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