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Roof Mount Dvd

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i have the lexus roof mounted dvd player in our rx 330, we bought the lexus 2nd hand and didn't recieve the log books or instructions for the dvd etc. i was wondering what the 3 wiring plugs down below the centre console were for. they are red, yellow and white. is there anyway of playing the sound through the factory stereo instead of the kids having to put on headphones. ( which they don't like doing )

thnaks phil.

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There should be a way to play the rear entertainment through the rear speakers only and Mum and or dad be able to have music in front.

However!! I dont have an RX so i cant tell you how to do this. Ask at your next service or next time your driving past a dealer.

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Red white and yellow plugs are;

yellow = video

red = right channel audio

white = left channel audio

Without seeing your unit though, its hard to know whether your three plugs are outputs or inputs. Its a good chance its an input to let you plug in something like a video camera to play on the screen.

If the roof mounted DVD system has FM on it, you should be able to tune the car radio to the same frequency and have the audio play through the cars audio system. Otherwise, you might be stuck with headphones.



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