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I'm not sure if I have a problem with my steering or not...

When I want to make a U-turn, I turn the steering wheel all the way until it locks, then slowly accelerate.

As I finish the u-turn, I let go of my steering wheel for the wheels to straighten out the car.

However instead of this happening, the steering stays locked and if i keep accelerating, my car will just drive around in circles LOL

Anyone else experience this with theirs? Or is this normal for the IS? :(

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I haven't tried it! I have a 2006 model, and I know that the pre 2007 vehicles were suceptible to a slight issue with the steering rack - where whilst I didnt have a problem at the time, the dealer did a replacement back at about 30,000kms for memory (under warranty). I didn't notice anything prior, nor raise anything with them come service time.

It wasn't a recall or anything for memory, but I would hop on the phone to your Lexus dealership and have a chat with Service about the issue. I know you might be out of warranty, but if indeed it was a 'quality' recall (where they will do improvements or preventative fits under warranty) (it wasn't a safety recall) - Lexus may still do it for you I understand. I might be off the track here - it could be a completely different issue, but I would at least give them a call to discuss. The steering rack kit may include (again for memory) the series of servos/sensors along the rack - you might have a faulty one, which causes your steering to stay locked in position. Im purely hypothesising here - but again, give Lexus a call.

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