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Hi guys

Just wondering if a 19 x 9.0 +20 front and 19 x 10 +10 rear will fit? (standard suspension) or even if i can go less on offset, i want dish lol, much help is appreciated.

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Nice, would I be pushing my luck if I went 19x9.5 +20 in the front? And if anyone out there knows how wide I can go, and what offset I can have for as much dish as possible?

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unless lowered no you wont be pushing your luck

though you will be scrubbing your inner guards when hitting dips and bumps

with a 9.5 i had 32+ offset and that was very flush

10.5 i had 42+

though this was lowered on coilovers and around 5cms off the ground

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Ive got 19x9.5 rear +35 dropped 2-3 inches in rear and 70 - 80 mm dish.

19x9 +28 front and only scrubs when dropped more then 2.5 inch over big dips. (coil overs offer a no scrub damper setting for dumped more then 2 inch but its EXTREMELY Hard)

relatively flush / conservative. borderline gaurd rolling req. (done for piece of mind).

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Damn guess she not getting dropped then, ill have to sacrifice the drop for some dish lol, lex51s do u have a pic of how your ride sits?

boredom, polished car, and a camera




This is not fully lowered. Its about 2 inch all round.

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Yeah Chris width isn't the problem, offset is lol, what offset are your 20"?

Nice lex51s think I might go safe then sorry lol, btw do u know any wheels shop that will let u do test fits with different offsets?

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You should come to some of the meet that Danny usually organises.

Some of us have rims, the range from:

Stock: which is stock. Level=0

Chris: Conservative Level=2

Terrrrrry: Nice almost flush Level=5

Dennis: Slammed flushtastic ballerrrrrrr! Level=7

Tom: Doesn't like police Level=8

Maybe you could get the level 10 haha :)

You will usually see those at the meets.

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Hahahaha so is level 10 under stupid lol, going tomorrow to see a guy to test fit a few diffrent offsets, hopfully i can be a 10 after that lol. yeah I'll be there, when will the next meet be?

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