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Takeda Cold Air Intake..... Yay Or Nay?


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Hey there guys and girls just wanted to know whats your thoughts on the Takeda intake? Has anyone got one and is it worth it? Plus does anyone know if it will void your warranty fitting a cold air induction kit?


Thanks plenty!

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well making any mods on a new car will have the possibilty of voiding warranty

alot of the members on clublexus either get Takeda intake or the Injen intake

putting a intake on the isf will bring out the V8 noise

i have a injen intake in my F and this is how it sounds


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Thanks plenty for your reply. Just checked out your video. Your isf sounds beasty! Is the injen intake fully sealed? and do you know what kind of power gains you have made from your intake?

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well iv got 254kw atw

and 243kw atw on another time

i can def feel the top end increase

but bottom end response has decreased as it's a ram pod unit

the injen comes with covers and shields but it's not 100% sealed

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