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Hey guys,

I’ve just had my car in for the 75,000k service and the guys at Blackburn Lexus have told me I need to replace my front brake pads and rotors.

Total cost was around $650

Does the sound right that I have to replace the rotors as well?

Am I better going somewhere else that will obviously be cheaper?

Any past experience would be greatly appreciated.

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hi guys

i had a similar quote but i think it was up around $900,

i ended up doing the job myself, the rotors on my 08 are actualy off a 2010 camry and cost about $100 each and pads to fit were about $75 a pair from memory. Im no mechanic and it took me about an hour,very easy job and saved a bucket load of money....

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This is certainly an easy "do it yourself" project.

My added tips:

Make sure you degrease the disks before you install them (mine had rust preventing coatings).

Also, buy a tube of copper grease for sliding parts lubrication.

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