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Jzz30 Ecu Question

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I'm an American with a few tough Sorarer questions to crack. I am transplanting a 1jz into a MK III Supra. I pulled it from an early 90s Soarer. It came with the funny boxed key with the groove in the middle. Is this a security chipped key, or jsut funny looking? I know in the US these are secure keys. Will it work with the normal ignition switch in the Supra, or will I have to find a way to bypass the ignition lock? The half cut was a 4 spd auto. I am swaping in my 5 spd manual. How will the ECU behave with out feedback from the electronic trans. I can jumper the neutral start switch easy enough, however, how will the thing behave without drive gear input? Do I need to find a M/T ECU, or dose it even matter on these cars?

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You can run the same ECU going from auto to manual.. has been done here in Australia a few times.

The key is known as a wafer key.. the only function it had from factory was to control central locking. there was no security feature available on the standard keys.

Why are you changing the ignition lock for an engine transplant?

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I purchaced a half cut Soarer. It came with the steering colum, igintion switch, and key. In the US a lot of cars have chips in the keys that controll an ignition lock. In my Chevy truck if you try to start it without the right key the ECU will actually erase itself. A guy from the dealership has to come out and reprogram the truck. When I saw that it came with one of those funny keys I didn't know if the AUS spec cars were the same way.

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