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Hey guys, first post, and i really do apologise if this has been already covered! but its doing my head in as i cant find it! lol

Well anyway in about a week or 2, i am getting a 2005-2008 is250 and cant wait! Only problem i dont know the difference between the models (Prestige, Sports and Sports Luxury). All i know is the Prestige is entry level and Sports Luxury is top of the range.

My question is, would a fully optioned Prestige be the same as a Sports Luxury? Because im after one with the works and have seen some saying fully optioned prestige, then you have the sports luxury which HAS everything?

Once again im sorry if this has been covered already, but couldnt find it!

Thanks!! :)

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SL has xenons, radar cruise control, rear blinds etc etc that the prestige dont have

only addition is sat nav and revserse camera to prestige.....

SL has much more even elctric steering adjustment, led light door scuff plates, memory seats and what not..........(rain sensors, auto dim mirror)

some of these can be found on a 'sports' model though but not all things

there is probably alot more to list but this is only off top of my head, oh and standard 17 inch wheels compared to the 16s

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hey guys,

im new to this but i have been looking everywhere to try and find a rear right tail light! lexus has told me it will cost $1,200 just for the light itself..does anyone know of another place any cheaper in VIC?

please let me know guys my number is 0423 480 783 or email me on joel.lappen@hotmail.com

thanks heaps

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speaking of wreckers, ive tried googling wreckers that have is250s but couldnt find anything! does anyone know places in VIC that have the 250's or places that get them in ?

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