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2012 Gs350 Reviews

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So today, I and a few others got an invite to a pre launch exclusive sneak peak at the GS350 f-sport. And a big thanks to the invitee!! and future communication offers will be definitely taken up upon!!

For a while now ive been contimplating between an IS-F and the new GS350 f-sport.

I must say. (without even driving the GS) The Refinement, technology and finesse of the GS and hearing about its handling features, Easily, out weighs the power, smallness and older technology of the ISF.


Some say Grandpa's Saloon. . . . maybe the old GS. but not this new Grand Sport. its more like Great Sex!!

First Impression as i walked in the door was wow. The images DO NOT do this stylish luxury sports car justice!

next. That arse... its not what people say it looks great!!

Then I open the drivers door and sit in the seat, special? Yes. And then you touch her and switch her on . . . the seat litterally hugs you. the sides come in and hold you in the seat.. ... real nice touch.

The drivers position and leather dash layout is reallly really nice. and the heads up display if you havent used it before isnt as obtrusive as you would imagine. The dash nav/ media centre is really something special its got it all and screen has great resolution. Iphone bluetooth streaming one of the major great features.

The ever controversial foot park brake - Removed!! Electronic automatic park brake now standard.

BI- HID headlights- great streamlining idea of the head light assembally.

Leather- when you hear red leather you think hmm - when you see it online you go hmm - when you see it in the car you go THATS HOT!

Locking and unlocking has a great new feature. instead of the locking button on the door you just have to touch a spot on the the door handle. Great for lighter coloured cars!

Back seat room and comfort is as good as if not better then the LS comfort and room not compromised at all very comfy.

The new spindal front grill is Aggressive yet stylish.

Cruise control - auto radar cruise control now works from 0km/h That means peak hour traffic you dont have to touch the pedals!!!!

I honeslty thought the clock in the middle of the dash was soooo old man style. but it actually blends well with the technological instrumentation...

Eco mode transmission - adjusts aircon and transmission to achieve best economical driving

normal mode - lexus awesome standard driving

s-mode - adjusts engine and transmission for a more sportier response

S+ mode - aadjusts engine and transmission for a more sportier response and turns on adaptive variable suspension (AVS) and crisps up the cars suspention behaviour massively for that very spirited driving that fully utilises that 233kws.

The list goes on and on and im sure a few others can ad to this and tell you even more!!

In short without driving it. I prefer it over an isF (personally angling toward a finesse as well as power (not just power orientated)

All i can say is check it out when it comes out!! You will not be disapointed in the lexus awesomeness!!

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I fully agree, Chris - Notwithstanding our best attempts in iPhone photography appearing on this page, no photos I've seen compare to the GS in real life.


Almost every review of the GS you'll read will mention that grille. I don't want to overemphasise it, as there's more to this car than the front end treatment. But for anyone that's worried wheter a seemingly aggressive front will work with a classically understated Lexus side and rear panels, don't fear: it actually works quite well, certainly much more so than the latest renditions of some of the GS' German competitors. Incidentally, those other panels make the GS look even more refined - indeed, much like a reduced-size LS 460, with a nod to current-model IS styling evident in the rear indicator lamps.


The 265 R19 Bridgestone Potenza tyres fitted to the GS 350 F Sport - which are even than what's standard on the IS F - gives the vehicle a wide, aggressive stance when viewed from the rear. Compared to the 5 series, the outer edge of the wheels are almost flush with the wheel arches, and so you may not bother with changing the wheel offset.


The 12.3" multimedia display needs to be seen to be believed. Yes, we all know it's huge, but it's also crystal clear and sharp. It's large enough and positioned reasonably well so one can view a DVD video even from the rear seats, so you won't have to buy aftermarket rear headrest-mounted screens for the kids (well, not immediately anyway). The centre console controls look very different to anything we've seen from either Lexus or Toyota, yet it's still easy to use.

I was pleasantly surprised by the electronic park brake, since an early review I read whined about a foot brake.

Looks, comfort, space: the GS definitely has it all. I look forward to some local driving reviews ... from what I hear, the power figures (similar to the current model IS's on larger, heavier bodies) belie the responsiveness of the powerplants ...


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I tested one last week.

Here are the strengths and weaknesses.


The new spindle front end is good.

The boot is a little larger than before, but no match for a capacious front drive Camry!

The interior has higher seats, and there is a little more head room; no match for a Camry or Commodore though.

At idle, the insulation is even more impressive than the outgoing model.

Also, cruising along, the new model is even more isolated than it's predecessor.

The power steering is now actually lighter, yet more feel.

It is a little sharper than before.

The ride has improved substantially.

The old GS was a little too soft on the springs, too soft on the dampers resulting in floatiness, and too short in travel, always bottoming out.

The new GS has such long travel, like a Commodore etc.

The new GS is a fraction firmer in the springs for greater steering sharpness.

It is also slightly better damped for less floatiness.

However, the travel is really long now, giving an impressively comfortable ride.

The body structure is also more rigid than before, with no squeaks and rattles in around the glove box and the central console like the old model.

The handling is better, but not a great deal; the 5 Series is still firmer on the springs and sharper than the GS.

The current model IS250 would simply leave the new GS behind for dead on a handling circuit.

The new GS 2.5L V6 is not actually an IS250 engine.

Now it has bags of bottom end torque!

The new GS has an impressively improved equipment list including:

Fully electric boot closing.

Much more adjustments for driver's seat.

Fully automatic parking brake, synchronised with the "P" setting on the auto tranny.

Significantly more powerful, more effortless, and cleaner hi-fi system.

Blind spot and lane change warning lights.

Clearer sat nav display.

Auto dipping hi beam.

Headup display.

Rear window sunshades.

Rear adjustment for fore/aft of front passenger seat, to improve rear chauffer driven passenger legroom.

Rear adjustment of temperature, fanspeed, and stereo system.

Overall, the greatest advancement of the new GS is the longer suspension travel benefiting the ride a great deal!!!

There is also a little more room, more bottom end torque, lighter steering with more feel and more sharpness, and heaps of equipment.

The GS now has the very best engine, ride and refinement in it's class.


However, the brake cooling intakes and the foglights are bland.

The C pillar area is bland; the old GS C pillar treatment, or the C pillar treatment on the LS would be much better.

The new GS tail is very bland, some likening it to a Hyundai Sonata; the tail is no match for the prototype which it is based on.

Constructively, the GS tail end styling should have taken off the LS, or at least the IS, or even a refinement of the old GS tail end styling!

The interior styling is complex, untidy, boring, designed for the older person aka 60+, and will age very quickly; Benz and Beamer have GS beaten solidly here!

The interior only has a little more headroom, not a great deal, and certainly no match for an E Class or 5 Series.

Disappointingly, the rear foot room is only a little bigger than before; just a touch roomier - very disappointing.

The rear leg room, and the rear hip room seems to have actually diminished!

Although the new 2.5 V6 has bags of bottom end torque, it is moderately louder, and not as smooth.

There is no longer a 6 stack disc player; rather it uses a single disc player, and relies on you to play music via your own compressed mp3 music player.

The greatest drawback of the new 2012 GS lies in the poor styling, outside and inside!

Then there's the louder engines, something that is not Lexus-like, but bearable.


Overall, the new GS is a mixed bag compared with the old model.

In comes the superb stiffer platform and super duper ride, with lighter power steering with more feel, and greater sharpness, and a brilliant stereo.

Out goes the slick, and timeless styling, and the insulated engines.

Where the old GS had style with fair mechanicals.

The new GS has sound mechanicals, with fair styling.

Take your pick.

Pity it couldn't combine both together.

The E Class and the 5 Series will continue to romp away with sales.

The main advantage of the E Class and 5 Series over the new GS is two fold: (1) new GS poor styling inside and out, and (2) GS's slightly smaller interior.

If the new GS had retained the old GS's quietness under acceleration, then that would be a big boon to the new GS.

However, this new GS esp with it's $84k entry price, should be able to solidly kill and outsell the Audi A6 and the Jag XF this time around.

Btw, the unconventional styling of the soon to be release Infiniti M37 coming Down Under, has no hope of competing against the new Lexus GS...

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