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Fs: Fujita Ram Intake For Is250


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hey guys. time to sell my Fujita Intake and go back to stock for now.

the Fujita intake is the loudest intake that you can get for the IS250 (we've tested it at a meet, haha) but still silent while normal driving. Only when your over 3500rpm and at full throttle will you hear the induction sound.

i'd prefer a local buyer. im located in Sydney


i'll take pic's tomorrow and then post em on here

$100 ono

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i am in sydney and would be keen on this

does it make any noticable differences to performnce and what kind of sound does one expect etc?



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hey, sorry guys for the late replies.

the performance increase is not noticeable at all while driving, there MAY be a small increase in performance, but you would not notice while driving.

IMO, it would be more for the sound. You cannot hear it while driving "normally" everyday, but as soon as you give it full throttle and it goes past 3500rpm that's when the induction noise kicks in. Even when my mum drives the car, she never knew about the induction noise for a few months, until she was in the car with me driving.

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