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Lexus Is 250 Mechanic/specialist/workshop In Sydney


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Hi guys,

I'm very new to this Lexus forum and have spent sometime as a guest and found it to be quiet informative and useful and more than anything love the company Lexus enthusiasts and lovers.

I have a 2006/Is 250 which is scheduled for 75,000 km service. I had bought it a year ago from Lexus of sutherland and they gave me this car maintenance plan/ 3 year warranty on condition that i should have my car serviced at Lexus of Sutherland only. Now, when i enquire with them for 75,000 km service, they are quoting $750 which seems to be more . I have enquired from lexus of parramatta(quoted $650) and lexus of chatswood (qioted $498) and now I'm wondering whether i should get my car serviced with Sutherland to keep my 3 year warranty(of which only 2 years remaning now).

I would like to know if there are any Lexus specialists/Mechanics/work shops in sydney (Not the dealerships) who are good at work in servicing/repairing Lexus and not a rip-off/expensive like the dealership service centers.

Where do other lexus owners in Sydney take their lexus for servicing in Sydney/Parramatta apart from the dealership service centers. I would really appreciate your help/ inputs on this and many thanks in advance.



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