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there are ecu's

but uptill no, none has been able to control the direct portinjection

hence it is fair to say there is no ecu's for the is350 yet or the F

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Do you mean it can't control the direct injection? Direct and port are two different things.

If you meant direct, and the port can be in fact be manipulated with an ECU, that okay to gain power. The direct injection is used at low revs (cause at lower revs you need higher pressure injectors etc etc for fuel economy). But when you are on the power in the up highs, it uses port injection.

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The Autronic ECUs are pretty amazing in what they can achieve. If that can't so it, a MoTeC M8 can do anything. For $8k for all features unlocked, it had better be able to do everything!

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Some cars still use a MAP sensor, but they're not too common. Controlling idle with an AFM is easier than a MAP sensor.

Hmm, the Autronic website seems to be down for a revamp. It might be worth talking to the guys at Silverwater Auto Services, as they were the guys in the know when I was looking at Autronics for my last car.

I had a quick look at the MoTeC website and can't actually locate an ECU which will run 12 injectors natively, so that might not be the best option for our cars. It's odd that they advertise them as being able to work on a 12 cylinder vehicle, but not control 12 injectors. Probably just using waste spark and batch injector firing on a massive 12 cylinder lump and not individual control for each injector/sparkplug.

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