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How Can I Stop My Gps Screen Staying In Day Mode At Night

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Hi guys,I'm fairly new here and I need a little help please!!..I have a 2006 is250 and for some reason my gps screen is staying in day mode at night.its so bright at night it gives me a headache!..any ideas on how to fix it???...thanks in advance for your help

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I'm pretty sure that there is a "night display" option on some screen - if you select that, the GPS automatically goes into night mode whenever the headlights or sidelights come on (auto mode).


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There is a dial knob to the right of the steering wheel on the dash, or to the left of the headlight leveler, turn it to the left until you hear a click.

This is it - one "click" anti-clockwise. It will then switch to night mode whenever you switch your headlights on.

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Great!!! thanks alot for that I really appreciate it..the screen is suppose to change to night mode automatically isn't it???..

Yes it should.

Should also mention if the parkers, headlights are on and it's not dark outside it will not switch to night mode. (unless you change the screen mode yourself as aforementioned)

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