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Is250 Randomly Sluggish, Issue With Brakes?

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Hi all

We have a 2011 IS250 which has started to feel sluggish on occasion whilst normal driving. It feels like driving with the handbrake on slightly, (even though its not). It comes and goes randomly. A few months ago we noticed the brake lights were still on after parking the car in the driveway and beginning to go inside. Had it looked at by the dealer at next service, and they found "no issues". Sometimes when driving at night, bumps will cause full reds on the brake lights even though no brake pedal has been pressed. So it seems the issue hasn't gone away and is getting worse.

Does anyone know whether there are any known problems or issues with sticky brakes on this model? Or any other info that you have, before I ask the service manager to investigate again. My wife resorted to driving with her foot under the brake pedel lifting it up, she was so annoyed with it.

Any help much appreciated

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