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hey guys, i know ive posted a lot about this ML sub but i want to get info on it before i do something im not supposed to and f**k something up! I have an 06 IS250 with ML package.

well ive been reading that its possible to replace the stock free air sub, with an aftermarket free air sub? heres the link to it:


The only thing im unsure about, is that this was done in an LS, not an IS, would there be much difference between the 2 models?

heres the link to the sub that they have replaced the stock one with, its a Kicker 10c88


So basically, is this possible without screwing the stock amp?

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thats an interesting idea.

i did do an aftermarket install but i removed stock sub and tapped into wires to run an aftermarket sub.

if you do end up doing pls post and share the results.

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Yeah I thought it was interesting also, it also works out a lot cheaper this way, but not sure

On how it'll sound compared to aftermarket p and sub setup, which was my original idea.

Did you do yours yourself? Was it easy to get to the wires of the stock sub? Any tips on removing the rear parcel shelf?

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I had mine professionally done by FHRX. If you want details i can look up some pics and find out where they tapped into to get a signal for the sub etc

did you disconnect your stock sub? or have you still got it connected? yeah if you could that would be great :) also would you be able to tell me how they hooked up the remote wire to the new amp?


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