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Ebay Is250 (Gen1) Led Tail Lights

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The Gen2 IS250 has a few minor exterior updates, including nicer tail Lights.

In my research, for Gen1 owners who looking to dress up their IS250s have the options of upgrade to ISF tail lights, USDM tail lights or the so called plug & play "LED" tail lights widely available on eBay.

eBay Link (no association with the seller, just using it as an example)

I know eBay tail lights are generally classified as "rice" for "rice boys & ricers", and often associates with responses such as "omg, fully sick bro" or "blink blink i got the hots, chicks dig my altezza lights"...etc

Actually, these IS250 LED tail lights aren't looking too bad.

So who here has these on their car? What you think of them (Build Quality and Appearance)?

And no haters please.

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Many here have them on their cars past and present, including me.

Build quality 7/10. Out the box mine had rubber that wasn't affixed properly on one side, it doesn't exactly sit flush with the panels either. But I'm anal when it comes to things like that.

My tails have a row of led on the side quarter light that have gone out (probably due to wiring), and i've had it for probably 8 months. I don't think any others here with them (for years) has had any problem with theirs' though, just bad luck I guess.

Appearance wise they look nice, not as nice as genuine isf though.

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lol, ok Danny, maybe I need to dig harder :)

I did tried the search on this one, nothing useful came up...

Maybe we can put like a FAQ pinned post in this forum for all/future newbies like me.

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