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New To Forum, But Not To The Is200


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Firstly, my name is David.

Im 23,

Im from the sunshine coast hinterland of qld.

im an industrial sray painter, (moved from car painting)

and im a dedicated honda fanatic, the crx being the weapon of choice with m track car making close to 480hp at the wheels, but we are not here to talk about that :)

my first lexus was a 2003 is200 sport luxury but it was a bit of a dud, so away it went.

So now ive recently taken ownership of a 1999 is200 base model. my reason for this is i live a fair way away from any car meets ect so i do alot of skid pan days at my local roadcraft centre. and no sunroof,heated seats ect ect is all less weight :)

also with the 1999 model i can legaly drop a 1jz in down the track when the standard engine gives out.

now to the car, :D

year : 1999

model : is200 base,

colour: spectra blue ?

Exterior mods: carbon eyelids, 6000k low beams, 120000k high beams, 4000k fog lights, 16x7" nissan gtr wheels, tein coilovers lowered to about 100mm ,upgraded swaybars, 10% tint.

Interior mods: full leather retrim with lexus logo, 5" monitors in headrest, full eclipse stereo including 7" flip out screen with tv tuner and reverse camera, blue dash lights, night lights installed under dash and seats.

performance mods: rebuilt standard 1gfe engine with roughly 52K on it, rebuilt gearbox with new duel mass flywheel and exedy clutch, turbo kit with frontmount and garret t28 turbo, running a low 6psi, greedy emanage ultimate piggy back ecu, 3" turbo back exhaust, not running a bov and i have all the usual things like cai ect.

thats about it i think, its a great car,

i pretty much found it on the side of the road for sale in nsw on my return to the airport, i test drove it, liked it and bought it, drove it home that night and never looked back since... :)

il take some pics when the weather clears.

thanks for reading and i look foward to meeting you all.

pz, Dave.



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thanks mate, yeah ive always had my hondas, still actualy have my first car sitting in the garage atm (although im painting it for the new owner)

but after owning the is200 its very hard to just back into track mode - rough as coilovers car sits at 3cm from sump, no pwer steering ect.

definetly moving to a new era with the is200.

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