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Lexus Lf-Lc


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Taking the North American International Auto Show by storm, the LF-LC hybrid coupe has certainly turned a few heads. Pushing the boundaries of performance, style and technology, the concept showcases the future of design for Lexus. The 2+2 luxury sports coupe is a driver's car, combining a finely crafted balance of new and traditional design, redefining Lexus originality. The front-engine, rear-wheel drive LF-LC features Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive, delivering both driving performance and fuel efficiency.

"The LF-LC concept demonstrates Lexus' commitment to debuting exciting new technology and designs that engage all the senses," said Lexus Australia Chief Executive, Tony Cramb. "This concept combines innovative technology with a powerful and efficient hybrid driveline - all wrapped in a visually stunning coupe body.



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The Surprise LF-LC at the LS pre launch!!

In one word ........... phenomenal!!!

Lexus have really started to show off the future of their "plans". With sneak peeks in this concept giving hints to future modelling. They are showing a different side to them selves and i really like it. I cant wait to see the LF-CC when it lands. which is an even bigger indicator to the NEW 2014 IS!!

Today at the lexus LS launch for exclusive members there was an even bigger surprise!! The LF-LC!!!!




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There are only two LF-LC concept cars in the world today, and some Sydney Lexus owners were treated to a preview of the blue one in advance of its display at the Australian International Motor Show.

It's rumoured that this baby will be the basis for the successor to Lexus' high-end luxury coupe, the SC. The first two SC's - the SC400 and SC430 - were radically different in their body shape, yet similar in the way they mated a high performance engine with appealing (read sexy) contemporary sports coupe design. So it wouldn't be all that surprising if many elements of the LF-LC find their way into a new SC.

While the exterior is particularly striking (and, by the way, that concept grille looks so much better in the flesh), it's the numerous features that can be seen in the interior that's exciting. The entire dash controls replaced with an LCD. The LFA-inspired speedo. The steering controls. Even the seat belt buckle and clip have been given a futuristic makeover. If even some of these innovations find themselves in the next SC, the future in production Lexus sports cars will be exciting indeed.

In case you were wondering, those wheels come with 275/35R21 Continental ContiSport tyres, with equally massive discs to boot.

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Well the design is unique and beautiful. Looks very attractive because never see any vehicle with that body structure, specially that chromed grill on the front of the car is looking great. and the rear side of the car is also very good. when they are launching this car for sale in market?

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