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My Is200 Drift Car Build

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Hello all!

I am building a IS200 drift machine. Bought it as a fire damaged write off (someone may know the previous owner).

Planning on running 2JZ-GTE, 6 point cage, C-west style kit, coilies, etc

I've attached some photos of where I'm up to. Basically ready to get the cage put in.

So far I've replaced the front suspension, brake and clutch master, have front and rear windscreen, replaced passenger door and front left fender.

Gutted the interior, stripping out the sound deadening and general cleaning.

Used to own a R31 skyline with PEWPEW number plates, so this one is called PEWPEW 2.0

Really feels good to have a project car again. Undecided if I will keep it black or paint it white.











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looking good mate, thanks for sharing.

Any chance you could keep this thread updated with your project photos.. would be good to follow :)

Yes sir, will do.

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  • 1 month later...

Well hello again every people!

Been a while, so here's an update. Looking a little different from when I got it.

Got some Driftworks coilovers in, a lick of paint. Waiting for monies to come in to get the cage done, then on to everything else.

Decided to go 1JZ-GTE due to lack of funds :'(

So still lots of things to do!



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Nice work, looking good. Are you not doing anything else before getting the cage in then?

Yes I have some small things to do. The major work is of course the most expensive.

I really want to get the cage done as the car wont be moved much after.

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Well been a while since my last post. So here are some updates.

Installed Driftworks coilovers, did some painting and a small amount of wiring for the lights.

1JZ-GTE non VVTi acquired. Gearbox, front sump and various other bits sourced. Nearly enough cash saved for roll cage. Making dash switch panel. Modifying steering column for quick release. Lots more welding to do.

It's been very difficult with the rain as I have no shelter and only a small shed to work in. Persistance and patience are key I guess.

Really hope to have it running in the next few months before I go up north.

Here are some pictures for those hungry eyes.



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Wow, what a weekend. Got the engine in and lots of things line up perfectly, some not so.

There is a lot of satisfaction finally getting things done after waiting so long for parts.

Here are some pictures so far.






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Okey dokey, update time!

Car went off to get the roll cage done. Having solid engine mounts made while it's there. Sparco Sprint V seat, hydraulic clutch throw out, 3 core rad, 600x300x100mm intercooler, Takata 5 point harness, new fuel feed and brake hoses, managed to source a good bonnet, 30mm spacers all round with 17" Lexus rims.

To be done once back from cage work: fit windscreen, wiring (eeek), plumbing, more painting (paint fixing) lock spacers.

Anyways, here are some more photos.



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Ok another update. While the car was getting the cage done I had some solid mounts made.

Today I started on wiring but got stuck as I've misplaced a fuse panel. I hooked up all the intercooler piping save for one reducer bend.



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Was the engine conversion much of a drama??

Not much for me as it is solid mounted. Engine fitting is usually not a drama, wiring is a different matter.

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Well time for an update seeing as it's been so long.

It's is 99% complete! Just a steering and suspension alignment to do. Then i need to fix my trailer and tow car.

Oh and also a respray, going a different colour.

For more updates and a video of it running you can go to Farcebook http://www.facebook.com/rhyspewpew

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Ok so here are some videos for ya.

And some pictures:






Still a work in progress as any car is.
Simply can't wait to fry some tyres!

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