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Hi All,

I have just recently purchased a 2006 IS250 Sports Luxury. Plan to pick it up midweek. Needless to say i am very excited.

The car i have purchased only comes with one key. I would like to arrange a second (backup) key. I have done some searching and am a little confused.

Initially i though i would be able to buy one cheaply from Sewell in the USA but some posts seem to indicate that these are not compatible with the Australian cars. Is this true?

If it is, what are my options? Are there companies (i.e. auto elecs, locksmiths) in Victoria that can supply and programme replacement keys for less than Lexus which seem to charge between $500-700?

Thanks in advance.

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I need to get a second key organised for my newly purchased IS250 too..

Lexus Chatswood quoted me:

$413 - Key fob (Sewell price: $163 USD)

$112 - Shank/Master key (Sewell price: $63 USD)

$100 - Key cutting and programming

I see that at least the Key fob and shank can be bought from Sewell for a lower price. Especially the key fob...

Does anyone know if a key fob bought from Sewell would be Ok in Australia? (Has anyone ever done this even)

UPDATE: Looks like the US fobs will never work in Australia due to different radio frequencies. Time to cough up for the Australian price :-)

Thanks for any information!

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Im in the same position. Research ive done indicates the transponders from the U.S wont work where. Their frequency is something like 440mhz and in oz 315mhz. However it looks like singapore based lexus have same frequency as ours but ive been unable to track one down. Our choices are limited at this stage. I attempted to do a deal with McCarrolls at waitara who i bought the car off but the salesman couldnt get off his arse and help me. Once he had the cash he didnt care. Im been givin a number of a locksmith who specializes in transponders ill post back with any developments

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Hey there,

Sounds good. I found an interesting post on the UK site where a guy was looking at the fobs quite closely: http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=68205&st=0

An alternative 'hack' would be to use the US fobs but to replace the part that differentiates it from ours (perhaps just the crystal). This is something that I can do myself.

Interested to hear if any locksmiths in Australia can help in general..

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Hi has anyone had luck with sourcing a proximity key in Australia?

I talked to Sewell and they confirmed that their key will not work in Australia. I then talked to Lexus of North Miami and they said they sell a different key to Australians which will work. I was quoted US$260 for it.

Either way It'll end up being $300 landed I reckon and still yet to find a auto lock smith in Perth that can program the key for me.

Looks like there's no cheaper solution. It'll cost you at a minimum $500 for a proximity fob/smart card (purchased overseas) and blade (Dealer) cut and programmed.

Does anyone have any information they can share, or know of a auto locksmith in Perth that sells key blades and programs fobs?

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Yeah, I'll send you a PM, managed to find 2 auto locksmiths in Perth that are able to sort out key apart from the Lexus dealership. Hopefully get some prices tomorrow for programming, blades, etc.

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Called a few places quite a number didn't do any Lexus proximity keys. Some of the locksmiths were more expensive than Lexus at $900 all up for blade and fob with cutting and programming. Most fobs seem to be $400-500+++++++ :O So its best to just source a fob/smart card somewhere else. and get it programmed.

Here's the breakdown of just key, cutting and programming fob from a proper quote.


- $115.45
- $50.00
- $100.00
Found another auto locksmith who could just the blade and cutting etc. for $100.
I reckon its best to get a second hand fob or smart card. Or else if you want new, get the Smart card from Lexus of North Miami which is meant to work. I can only confirm from what he said to me about it and the number of Aussie sales they make of it with no complaints. It'll still end up cheaper than getting everything done here.
If its just for emergency, just buy a cut key for now? and leave it at home? I mean if you lose your fob you've lost the key attached.. If you need a spare for a second driver get the smart card and just hope they don't run out of battery when its their turn:P
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Hey, just so you guys know, a Lexus head tech said that you can't reprogram used keys, they get coded once and that's it.

I'm pretty sure it can be done. I was looking at the techstream device, and if you have the credentials you can do a master code reset.

See this thread too: http://my.is/forums/f139/key-fob-programming-is250-442857/

A Lexus master tech from Miami is stating it can be done too.

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