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Today i parked my car at Daisy St in Chatswood (Very narrow st, with two way traffic)and some idiot backed into my car and run off (didnt even leave a note)..SO a heads up to everyone, try not to park in small streets. The chance of accidents are quite high..! and my POOR LEXUS the victim :(



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you can make it look half decent buy putting heatgun and pullingit back in form

Nah thats alright man..i will claim insurance again LOL dont know why, my lexus is having a rough couple of days..

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Snap... Thats gotta hurt!! I avoid parking my Lex in places like that... even with car parks... i dont care how far i have to walk....

haha i think its just matter of luck..i mean you cant always garage your car forever...but i would def park more carefully next time..looking for big space where easy manoeuvres could be made for others

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