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Hey Guys,

Im looking to purchase an IS250 Manual. Im just wondering if there is anything to look out for or be wary of when buying one especially manual ones.

I'm coming from a Toyota Altezza RS200 Z Edition. Car ran like clockwork so just looking to upgrade to a newer model.

This is the spec im trying to find.....

Lexus IS250

6 Speed Manual

White preferably, Black an option

Sat-Nav (Noobie NSW driver aka ex pat kiwi) Touchscreen.

Been looking on carsales.com.au anywhere elseI should be looking ?



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Hello there guys, this is my first post. I'm also looking at an is250 for a family car.(small family, but missus has long legs. Is this a problem?) I've seen a lexus advertised very keenly, but K's are a bit high at 140. What sort of K's might you expect to get from this v6/generally with services being done?

Any information appreciated. Thanks, John.

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You will find plenty of information on this forum on this topic, but there is nothing like taking a car out for a test drive at a Lexus dealer's. That would answer a lot of basic questions - being the right car for purpose, luggage / boot space, leg room, etc etc.

This is the first Lexus I've had, and all I can say is that I've never driven a better car before or since. The little extra cash that needed to be found to go for a Sports Luxury was the best money ever spent. And by all accounts, these cars are good for at least 200k kms.

Personally, I'd stick to cars below 100K km on the clock and hang the budget - not much point in buying cheap and then spending a fortune fixing things.

Good luck.

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