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Can anyone recommend good supplier for is350 windscreen ? other than O BRIEN ( i heard Obrien is not good enough ).

i got about 2cm chip crack at passenger side. and would like to replace whole windscreen ( since i got NRMA to cover windscreen ).


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Try getting your insurance to cover for a OEM Lexus windscreen and if possible, get it installed at a Lexus service centre. If that isn't possible then O'brien is good with installing windscreens. But make sure that they aren't using their own brand (xyg or something), the brand that O'brien supplies aren't of great quality. I have used O'brien in the past to install an OEM windscreen and their installation is top notch.

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If you have cover just get lexus to do it, I called Suncorp they just needed me to send them the invoice and 4 days later they put the money back in my account.

I have had issues with Obrien in the pass too, Lexus Indooroopilly did mine only 2 weeks ago had it back to me the same day and replaced all the clips etc too so can not even tell it was swapped.

I was very pleased with Suncorp and Lexus Indooroopilly no one messed me around was quick and easy.



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My windscreen was replaced by the dealer when I bought it - you wouldn't know it was a replacement (except for the scratch on the trim on the A pillar)!

I had O'briens do my Mazda6 MPS a few years back - great job, no complaints. Another crowd was sent by the Insurer to do my daughters Corolla - windscreen fit was OK but there is a rattle from the trim. Most recently we were sent to another crowd to have a Holden windscreen changed. Probably the worst job of the lot with damage to the trim and some other ill-fitting bits.

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