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hey guys, been looking around on the net for as much info on the nav hack for the IS, to be able to use all functionality of the gps while the car is in motion.

ive read this link

which pretty much tells you how to do it all, but its playing on my mind to do it or not, as apparently the VSS stuffs up?

Are there any other problems/glitches with this process?

Would it better to purchase an override harness so theres no cutting wires and what not?

Cheers guys

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I did this quite a while ago, I'm not the best electronically minded but the instructions were helpful.

At one stage I think I had some of the wiring wrong and the car wouldn't start at all haha.

Anyway, I put a switch next to all the other switches to the lower right panel of the drivers seat which disengages the VSS.

You need this because when the VSS is on, the nav will function like normal and you won't be able to input destinations.

Once you flick the switch, the keyboard becomes enabled and you can type away, but the vehicle loses its position on the map because it thinks you're stationary.

When you've finished, flick the switch back over and it will take maybe around 10 seconds for the GPS to figure out your new position.

No other glitches.

The other thing that performs a little differently is when you press the phone button on your steering wheel while in motion, it won't go directly to the speed dial screen. It will instead go to the phone keypad screen and you will need to press "Speed Dial" on the screen, or dial a number.

Note: I only did this mod so my partner could put in the destination while I drive. Drive safe!

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thanks for your reply! hrm if thats the only glitch, its not as bad as what i was thinking :P im just worried ill screw my whole headunit wiring up and theres goes everything -.- haha

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