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Anyone Done Around Oz-Type Trips In An Is250?

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If you've done such a trip, would love to read your comments on it.

Did you find difficulty with getting the right fuel? Are the roads good enough? Did you take along mod cons like small fridge-freezer, and any hassles with that? Any issues re: tyres, spares?

You get the picture!! :-) :-)

Would be happy to PM if that works for this post.


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Sounds exciting, always want to do a big road trip around this beautiful country but never had the time and the right people...

The most I did in my IS250 is a 10hr 900km drive from Sydney to Melbourne then back again, and I will NEVER do that again. Not because of the car, but because of the utter waste of time on the freeway and the scorching high petrol price, Jetstar would've be way cheaper and faster!

Nevertheless, the IS is actually quite comfortable on long haul, as long as it's on the tarmac. Not sure if it can handle the dirt/off road consider the low front bumper ground clearance.

IMHO, if you want to get the most adventure out of the trip, best to hire a 4x4.

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Have done a half around but not on is250

fuel is not a problem as far as you keep near the main road.

Get a set of softer tyre like mi xm2, will make yourself comfortable on the road.

But is250 is really not good for this kind of trip considering the australian country road IMHO...SUV will be much better and comfortable

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