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Hello From Canberra


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Hi everyone. For my wife's 30th birthday last week, I surprised her with a RX350 2008 model.

She was thrilled as I expected.

Love the car.

Need to get a new map dvd and an owners manual. Any ideas?

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Nice to see someone else from Canberra here.

I think DVD maps can be bought online... Otherwise Lexus have them but they are expensive.

Unsure about the owners manual, sorry. Perhaps someone who knows more can answer.

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Hi Ezo.

whereis.com.au have the map dvd for 295 plus postage.

Ebay has a seller selling it at 150. Version 18 is available much cheaper - though have found a torrent for v18. I should be able to burn the dvd and give it a try tomorrow.

As for the owners manual, Lexus canberra told me that I would have to come in to the service department and they would be able to order one in for me. I have contacted the dealer I got the car from in Sydney and they have assured me that they would post a manual to me shortly.

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Hi Matt, not sure if this is the right forum to ask, I wanted to get some personalised settings changed. I'll obviously have to take the car to the dealer, would anyone know how much they would charge for making a few changes to the personalised settings in the car?

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I changed the way the car locks the doors automatically etc and they did it for free on the spot.

I've had a couple of services but Lexus are good like that.

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