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  1. Isf Exhaust

    The choked up stock 12A in my RX7 is the opposite of all modern engines haha. Good luck, looking forward to the video!
  2. Isf Exhaust

    Sounds like you really know what you're doing. Very keen to see how you go, especially against any M3s or C63s. The ISF is no slouch with the right mods, despite what people think. Also, love you've got a rotary! I've had a tonne but only have a stock S2 low kms RX7 now.
  3. Isf Exhaust

    Sounds like pretty much zero drone? Can't wait to see how you go at WSID. What intake do you have? Highest trap no NOS is around 120mph in the states (and a high 11). But that's a 2008 model, so not Euro 5 compliant, I do wonder what affect that has on power as often and people mention the earlier cars seem to be fastest. Weight reduction helps, tyres and launch matters a lot. If you run anything under 12.4s that's moving IMO.
  4. Im Back In An Isf!

    I saw that one, looks like a nice car. Ideally I want to bank a bit of cash so I probably don't want to stretch it too much, I'll buy a MY13 if I have to. Also while I like the colour I don't love it. Very rare though.
  5. Isf Exhaust

    Sounds fkn awesome (car looks sweet too). Any power figures? Where'd you get the headers installed?
  6. Isf Exhaust

    The car is mental fast in all conditions and an ok daily driver but the Lexus ISF is a better all around car. Sounds heaps better too; but it is much, much slower lol (especially since my GTR has 410awkw now). The Lexus is better of fuel, more reliable, more comfortable, more practical, not as wide so easier to get (safer) parks, easier on and much cheaper tyres, cheaper services (when trans services of GTR considered) and less mods I'd want to do so money saved there lol. And the average person thinks it's an IS250 not a hoon mobile :)
  7. Im Back In An Isf!

    Congrats. Good to see you back in one! I've had two R35 GTRs and a 2011 E90 M3 Comp Pack as regular drive cars since I sold mine. I'm also thinking of getting back into an ISF, they're such good cars and such good value. You bought almost my ideal car, I'm hoping to find a white 2014 for the right money (wish me luck lol). I need to sell my R35 GTR first ideally though. If they do it I'll have Lexus Chatswood fit the headers and do Joe Z intake/Joe Z or X Force exhaust. What exhaust are you planning to fit? And I agree re the seats, I drove mine to Adelaide (1100km) in one sitting and my back was killing me! I drove the R35 back and no issues.
  8. Isf Exhaust

    I'm thinking of getting back into an ISF, I've got a modded R35 now and I do too many kms for work and my last ISF was one of the best all around cars I've owned. I'm keen on an XForce exhaust, headers and Joe Z intake. I plan on buying a 2014 if I can find what I want at a decent price (they're a bit thin on the ground). Anyway, are Lexus of Chatswood still installing PPE headers? I read Sikky are also available in RHD?
  9. Bta Motorsport - Tuned Is F

    I've read the same, and also read that 400rwhp/300rwkw is due to the dynos being much happier in the US. So it's possible this comment is BS: "It's does respond we'll with the piggy back system we run"
  10. I didn't think it could be done, even with a piggy back. See here: https://www.facebook.com/enhanced.by.bta/posts/802689523116897 Great results on an Australian dyno. Anyone know any more about the car/tune/exhaust specs? I'm thinking of getting back into an IS F (I currently have a R35 GTR which is for sale and miss my Lexus) and this would go far into swaying me because stock power isn't enough. That level of power is similar to a header/tune C63. I look at American dyno results and they are always high with headers, but I worry the reality of the power is different. This is the first time I've seen anything similar to the American numbers in Australia.
  11. Lexus Isf Aftermarket Exhaust ?

    Basically the Americans agree that headers make the power difference. If you change one thing, change them.
  12. Isf Dealer Installed Engine Update Query

    It will definitely be interesting to see, so many American cars with various mods and dyno figures but very few in Australia.
  13. Isf Dealer Installed Engine Update Query

    What does is the power figure at the wheels?