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Aloc Track Or Drag Day?

Drag day or Track day!  

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Gathering intrest for now

would any of the members be intrested in a drag or track day???

For drag day we will be hiring out WSID (western sydeny Int Dragway)

and having runs as much as you want 0-400m

or for track we will be hiring out

either wakefield track or a small private track up north

please let me know your repsonse

ALOC crew is always open to new ideas and such!!

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hey mate

we are still in the deciding stage

but keep the thoughst coming in


where you would like it to be held

how much you would want to spend for the day etc

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any place near Sydney is fine by me. Spend depends on what is on offer and how many of us are interested I guess. I am not sure what the current prices are to be honest. What dates can we chose from?

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most likely it will be a saturday

as most of us its hard to get off work

im thinking wakefield park at this stage

due to the fact its not a high speed track

so less risk

EC is higher speed

and for the newbies to the track it can be abit of a handfull

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to get things rolling it will have to be near the end of the year

or even early next year

btw there is a up coming lexus drive day by chatswood lexus at eastern creek in june

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hmm that far... How do we sign up for the Chatswood event? I nearly bought my ISF there and they said if I did end up buying it from them they will sign me up but what happens if I purchased the car elsewhere?

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Yeah who do we need to speak to, to get in on the Chatswood drive day? I bought mine from Chatswood, but have only received golf day invites..

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ill find out about the day and see if there is any spots available

the email should have only went to customers who bought ISF's at chatswood

i can find out for you if you guys like

we can make a forum rep there

im testing my race car on that day

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ok details are out

19th of June

8am sharp start at Easterncreek

all catering of foods and pro driver lessions included


As an
exclusive Lexus of Chatswood package, you will receive the following -

  • An
    advanced driver education day providing one-on-one in-car tuition from
    professional instructors on the main circuit.

  • Pre Track Inspection* of your car to ensure it is
    track ready - includes brake & fluids inspection, replacement of
    engine oil with race grade oil, toe and camber wheel alignment, and suspension
    check and adjustment.

  • Post Race Inspection* of your car to ensure it is
    road-worthy including a car wash.

  • Full
    Track support on the day with a Lexus Master Technician available at the
    Lexus Pit-Stop garage.

  • Access to the track prepared CT
    200h used in the F1 Celebrity Race Challenge.

  • Fully catered event

  • And of course the most
    important aspect; having had a fun and enjoyable day!

Cost of the event is only $795.


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