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Hi From Perth

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Hi all, just got myself an IS250 thought I say hi and enjoy the forums:) bought it becoz I love the car I'm amazed people do so many mods to their cars. Hope to pick up some good ideas here in the future.


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Hi all, just got a 2009 is250! was wondering how's the service at lexus of perth. as i'm going down to get my headlights replaced under warranty ( water seems to have seeped into one side). and where's best to get the car serviced?

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Haven't gotten my car serviced yet since I got it, so can't help you:P Let me know how you go with Lexus of Perth, I'm thinking of only going to them for major servicing and just do the rest at my local or Toyota dealership...?

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the service was pretty good. left headlight were replaced foc. dropped my car in this morning should be getting it back this afternoon. also having my battery replaced quoted $176 (half the cost to be covered under warranty). brake rotors need to be replaced, got quoted $700 and $860 with pads replaced... but not sure if it would be cheaper to get it done else where....

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