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Track Day Semi Slick Tyres.

Pantelis K

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Hi all, i am not sure what tyre and rim size i can use on the ISF for using semi slicks for a track day and what tyre would best fit. Any help would be appreciated.

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problem with semis

they cost a arm and a leg with 19"

not as good as semis but close to it

and for the price

nitto invo's are pretty damn good

they come in 19"

and i suggest square set up or close to square setup on tyres so you can reduce the understeer abit

225's are just too skiny for track driving

on my race car i run 265 fronts and 295 rears in 18"

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Thank you for that. I have been suggested to run 18" with a 265 35 rear and 225 40 fronts. I will be using this only for the 1/4 mile runs only. I am not sure of the offset for the ISF with the Brembo Brakes. Can you suggest a specific rim size for the 18". BTY the price i got was $520 for the Toyo R888 each in the 18" 265s.

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i run 10.5 + 38 on the rear (needs guard work)

9.5 + 32 in the front

if its for drags dont even bother with changing tyres in the front

just change the rear to 18" and run 275 or ever 285

id suggest run the stock fronts

and run the rears 9.5 + 30 ish

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Yes it will be for the drags only. I will take your advice and run the 18" for the rear only. I ran the stock tyres last week at Speedway and best time was 13.2 secs at 110MPH. Not enough traction and i do have the Michelin Pilot Super Sports 255 35. I agree, i don't see the benefit of changing the fronts for the drags only. Did you have any difficulty getting 18"x9.5 rims to suit the ISF with the offset of the brakes?

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