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Hello From Nsw- Rx270 Or Rx350

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Hi Carole - welcome to the club.

You can't go wrong with an RX - they are beautiful machines with a genuine feeling of understated luxury. There's a very big price difference between the Rx270 and Rx350 - between $8000 and $9000 on the driveaway price. They are similarly equipped, though I think the 350 does have some extra goodies.

The big difference is the engine. The RX350 motor is regarded as one of the nicer V6s on the market and has plenty of power and torque to shift what is a pretty heavy vehicle. I've seen mixed reviews on the Rx270, which has a smaller 4 cylinder engine. Some people think it's fine, while others have described it as under-powered and coarse. Of course, people will put up with a lot of coarseness to save eight thousand.

I suggest you take each of them for a long test drive in varying conditions, including some hills, heavy traffic and freeway. (Don't just take it around the block). Don't be afraid to go back a couple of times until you're sure which one is for you. Weigh up the difference in engine feel and any extra features the 350 may have over the 270, and see if spending the extra money is a value proposition that works for you.

Good luck!

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as a 450h owner and former 350 owner

i had the chance of testing the 270

if speed and power is not high up the list

270 is perfect for you

but be warned you get what you pay for

theres all the basic stuff you need but you miss out on alot of stuff which is standard on the higher up models

heated and cooled seats (some 450h and 350's dont even have them either depending on trim lvl)


19" wheels

agressive front end styling

Sonar sensors etc

but in that sense

you still get

HID light + Daytime running lights

digital radio

power seats

auto rear gate etc

honestly the 4cyl is not a bad gear

its quite quick up to 60-70km/h probably even match up to its bigger brothers

but it sounds like a piece of *BLEEP* when you put your foot down

typical toyota 4banger noise

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