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After buying my first 2006 IS250 Sports Luxury I have 2 questions for everyone here -

1) Is the battery panel in front dash sticking up slightly normal ? I have attached pics.

2) How can one remove the front door storage area to clean. I have a feeling previously owner was not very clean and there is some sticky stuff in there I am unable to clean. I have also attached pic of what I am talking about.

Many, many, many thanks !




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hi there firstly welcome to the club

and please introduce yourself before proceeding with asking questions

as for your question

1. No that is not normal

also that is a centre speaker grille not a battery cover

2. yes you can take apart the compartment but you need to take the door trims off

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The centre speaker grill on my 2008 IS250X looks exactly like yours. I assumed it was normal but given the previous two comments I'm wishing I had asked the dealer about it when I had it serviced a few weeks ago.

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Mine sits flush; looking at your pic yours should be as well; you should also be able to get that off without any hassles working the side that is sticking up (ie on the right). If you're scared be GENTLE and see where the give in it coming out is. Try and see; if you get stuck then take it somewhere; it won't be difficult though.

Here's hoping it is just not in right and there's nothing wrong with where it clips in

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