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The Craziest Mod For An Is250...although Major Problem..need Help?

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The mod is crazy, fun and ridiculous.. but only half works and I do need some expert computer assistance... I have a 2009 IS250, it has the flyaudio unit installed with the ipod,usb connectors already set up in the glove box (I bought the car like that)... Anywho, my crazy idea was... what if I was able to play games inside my IS250? More specifically... a Super Nintendo etc. How you ask? Well.. lol

I've purchased a Rasberry Pi, runs android based I believe just like a mini computer, my friend loaded up with emulator and HEAPS of games to self boot everytime the rasberry pi is turned on. The rasberry has audio out, usb for power and video out as well as well as extra USB for my N64 controller adaptor to work. So, I used the USB for power in the flyaudio plugs, booted up all fine. Connected the audio and video cables to a 3-Way joiner thingy to a 3.5mm in the AV-IN tab on the flyaudio unit, and boom, audio works fine, you can hear everything perfectly.. but then says no video signal detected. Frustrated, I plugged in a camcorder to see the difference, video worked fine... So I used the same setup and hooked it up to my 32" Samsung TV without the 3-way connector, worked a treat, no issues. Confused and thought perhaps the 3-Way connector is busted I went back to the drawing board. I work at JB Hi Fi so getting equipment isn't hard.. and remembered that the Navman MYESCAPE comes with an AV-IN cable to do exactly what I want without the 3-way plug.. just audio/video to 3.5mm.. so i thought.. this has to work. I used that cable, with my setup ON the Navman and Voila! Success! No issues and works fine. Happy, I ran back to the car ecstatic to see this work in the same way and again, to my sorrow, same issue. Only audio, no video..

So my question... Does anyone have any damn idea what might be the issue? And if there are any female RCA ports left in the back of the unit to just scrap the initial set up and just RCA it in? Or.... do I have to give up entirely :( Any comments to this topic are appreciated.. lol

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Could you post pictures of the cables from the PI and the connector ?

Possibly resolution issue as well, try setting PI to output 800*480. (Double check this with the Flyaudio's manual).

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