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OK - as with any second hand purchase one slowly discovers the previous owners neglect !

I see that one my headlights is not right. The bulb is sticking out slightly. I have attached pics to show this.

Now ... anyone see this before or have any idea on how to fix ? I have the Sports Luxury IS250 with lights that move as you turn so not sure this is a DIY challenge ?

I would hate to think what Lexus will charge me here ...



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How about the operation of the lights? Does it affect it at all?

If anything, you may need to remove the head light housing to fix it (i.e. remove the bumper bar etc).

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just checked my spare lights

they arent suppose to be like that

i think you can adjust the lights by using the adjusters in the back

are your lights shining properly?

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I had mine like that one bulb sticking our more than another, took it back to the dealers and they replaced it. This was a while ago. Things were never the same again.

You should that if they do replace it it might be a new one and it will differ to your other one. There are also a clear lense and a milky type.

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OK - I will be removing light and following this video.

I am pretty sure there is something loose in there.

Panel beater quoted me $780 so figure I can give this a go myself first. If I stuff it up I can always take it to them.

Has anyone attempted this before ???

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