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I've just got my newly purchased 2010 IS250 Sports Luxury settings done by the dealer.

The following are changes observed between the 2007 version and this one:

  • The locking/unlocking beep seems much louder - can this be adjusted or is it a single setting?
  • The seatbelt chime seems much louder too - can this be adjusted?
  • The "Screen Off" button needs to be reset each time you check a display eg Climate Control - in the 2007 version, the screen switched off after 30 or so seconds or by a 2nd touch of the button - dealer says this is a design feature - is this fact or fiction?!
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I know, this is a really late reply, but ...

I'm not aware of any way to adjust the two chimes. I see our forum "how-to" for disabling the seat chime didn't work for you, either.

As for the third matter - your dealer was talking fiction. Press the Setup button then, on the screen, press General. Toggle the Auto screen change option to On, then press Save.

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Thanks for the advice, Lance - worked like a charm !!!!

And BTW, liked your writeup on the new 3IS - wish I could afford it !!

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