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Need Help With My Lexus Is200

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Hey guys, I just recently bought my first car a new beautiful Lexus IS200 feel's like i'm king of the road! But I've recently been having some issues with the Electronic's in the car the left-side mirror when it tries to open it makes a ratcheting sound that doesn't stop that never stops, it's like the survey in the mirror doesn't know it's open I've tried opening it manually but it still has the same problem but when the Car ignition s turned on and off again it seem's to ratchet again and won't stop, I've had to remove the fuse of the Radio Number 2 which control's the electrical mirrors from the Driver's side Fuse box unfortunately this fuse also controls the Main Radio,Clock radio and electrical window for the the rest of the car so i can no longer use them. If anyone's had this same problem it'd be of great help or any help

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Had the same problem, fixed by popping open the housing (typically stupid Toyota design), and disconnecting the power wire to the mirror. Start car, try to adjust mirror, fails, resets, then turn off car and reconnect wire. Fixed.

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